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Prosail cutters were used to cut the exterior panels of thr Water cube in Beijing


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Our Mklll Plotter/Cutter is our most popular machine.  Sizes start at 1.5 metres wide by 6.8 metres long but we will build machines to any width and length required by the customer.

3 metre machines are currently the most common among the awning and shade sail manufacturers with sailmakers usually going with 1.6 metres wide.

ProSail cutting machines work by pressing a rotary blade through the fabric being cut and into a sacrificial plastic table top (a similar process to the way a pizza cutting wheel works) The result is a very accurate clean cut which separates the cut panels completely from the surrounding material. Prior to cutting, the panels or patterns can be nested or layed up very closely together on the computer. The length of material needed is displayed in real time as changes are made; meaning the amount of fabric to order can be exact and no longer an estimate.  Potentially saving a considerable amount of money by reducing fabric waste.

Due to ease of operating ProSail machines, unskilled staff can be quickly trained to run the cutter freeing skilled staff for other tasks.

All our machines are tested thoroughly, which means your operational and maintenance costs will be kept to a minimum; this is helped by the use of standard components from one of the world's largest electronic suppliers with outlets in nearly every major city, so if required, spare parts are always close at hand. Of course full support and advice is only a phone call or e-mail away.

Most of our customers mount the cutting machine on a vacuum table that they normally build themselves; it's not a difficult task and we supply very detailed instructions on how to do this. The vacuum holds the fabric down flat against the cutting surface to ensure a precise cut. Some porous fabrics may require a layer of thin inexpensive plastic sheet on top to ensure enough vacuum to hold the material in place.

The ProSail MkIII plotter/cutter comes with Nesting and machine software, and a choice between two CAD pattern design programs* either, PanelMaker a powerful 2D pattern design program or ProSail our 3D sail design program.


Along with a 60 day right of return we offer a two year warranty and credit options.

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