Mklll Pen Plotters 1.5 - 3.5 metre plotting width.

PanelMaker 2D pattern design

Tent 3D animated design

Nesting window

ProSail: Automated textile cutting and marking technology


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Powerful CAD design and nesting software included with every plotter or cutting machine sold 


Almost 600 customers in 50 countries, own ProSail Plotter/cutters and pen plotters. Our very first machines,  now over 23 years old and having marked and cut thousands of kilometres of fabric, are still going strong; in fact the only reason a few of them are no longer in operation is because the owners have retired but are reluctant to part with their machines.

Needless to say, we supply a full range of parts for all our machines, even if it was sold two decades ago.

Our reliability is reflected in the fact that the majority of our machines are sold through word of mouth recommendations; a customer loyalty we appreciate and work hard to deserve.

We know whether or not to automate can be a difficult decision; especially for very small businesses. So to help make the decision easier we will happily provide a contact list of hundreds of our customers, both big and small.  Call and talk to them,  listen to what they have to say and make your decision based on honest feedback from the most reliable source available, the people that use our machines day in and day out.

Our Plotter and plotter Cutter machines are CE certified and backed with a 60 day right of return, 2 year warranty, credit terms and expert support and advice. Please contact us if you have any questions: info@prosailcutter.com 


The Mklll Plotter/Cutter Our largest selling machine; Cuts and plots. Custom built to the width and length required. We can build machines to cut fabric over 5 metres wide. From USD 17,500. CAD & nesting software included


The Mklll Plotter Designed as an affordable entry level machine to plot patterns for manual cutting. It will run on the floor or an existing cutting table.  Ideal for businesses with limited space. From USD 5,700. CAD & Nesting software included  


The 2D Digitiser A stand alone machine that simplifies converting your existing patterns, templates and drawings into a digital format. From USD 2,400. Nesting software included


About ProSail 

ProSail (AWA NZ Ltd) was formed in New Zealand over 20 years ago. After developing and marketing our own sail design software, we then designed and built a computerised pen plotter. While Initially intended for Sailmakers, it quickly found a following in the canvas industry.

Within a few years the demand for an affordable CNC fabric cutter lead us to design and build the ProSail Plotter Cutter. This versatile machine brought automated textile and fabric cutting and marking within the grasp of virtually everyone, be it a small one person operation or large corporation.

We are constantly working to improve our existing products alongside the on going development of new machines and software.

Currently ProSail machines and software are used in the manufacture of the following: 

Fabric tensile structures

Tents and Gazebos
Tension Membranes
Yacht Sails
Swimming & Spa pool covers
Truck Tarpaulins and Side Curtains
Inflatable boats & dinghies
Hot Air Balloons
Aluminium and steel boats
Sheet Metal Fabrications
Advertising billboards
Boat covers, Dodgers etc
Soft furnishings
Contact us:  E-mail: info@prosailcutter.com
                                Tel: +64 9 413 7642
                                Fax: +64 9 413 7643